I’ve been to Abuja several times in the past but from moment Amarachi said she gave Travelstart Nigeria my details and they contacted me, I knew this trip was going to the different. Different because it won’t be like previous visits in the past where it was a safe haven whenever I needed to get away from redundancy during my University days (thanks to ASUU strike) or the boring life in Zaki Biam (Benue State) during my NYSC days. This time around, I got to explore with a Travelstart rep (Innocent) and four other travel blogger/enthusiasts (Mofe, Lola, Amarachi and Amadi) who are as passionate about travel as I am. And of course, it was truly amazing!!!

Our itinerary for the day was super packed and we managed to touch as many places as we could on the list. First stop was Magicland Amusement Park which was formerly known as Wonderland. A place I procrastinated visiting on all my previous trips to Abuja. I wonder if anything really changed since they decided to change the name. We got there quite early so most of us weren’t interested in getting on swings and rides.

Nostalgic moment! Adulting is sooo…. #travelstartshere #travelstart #travelabuja

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Next we headed for the National Mosque. Can I just say that this Mosque is BAE! It reminded me of Sheik Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi which I’ve managed to visit thanks to those covetous Instagram photos. Whenever I see such photos, they make be beat myself up for not taking the bus to Abu Dhabi when I visited Dubai. Now I won’t anymore all thanks to Abuja National Mosque. It is very grand and really beautiful adorned with gold tiles that glisten the the sunlight. Words cannot explain how magnificent this structure is to be honest. You’ll be better off visiting yourself.

Abuja National Mosque is BAE!!! #travelstart #travelstartshere @travelstartng @dapmod

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We also made a stop at the Ecumenical Church which I still can’t manage to pronounce even if my life depends on it. We met an attendant who gave us a brief history and quick tour of the church. Like the Mosque, it also boasts of quality architectural boldness. I particularly adore the grand organ and the rotating pulpit (that was a first for me). Hopefully I get to worship there in the future.


After our visit to the church, we made a highly needed stop at a fast food restaurant before heading to the national Children’s park and zoo. I had no clue there was a Zoo in Abuja. They had crocodiles, an ostrich, Buffalo and some horses. There was an area by a mini lake where people can relax and buy some snacks. I honestly think that this place can be much better but we had fun taking cool shots like the ones below.






We attempted to visit the National Assembly and as expected, we were not allowed it. Honestly I don’t get why there’s restricted access to most governmental sites in Nigeria. For crying out loud, we see pictures of people at London Parliament, White House, Buckingham Palace to name a few and they take pictures freely in the area without being harassed but in Nigeria, reverse is the case. Good Riddance…

Millennium park was next on this list. This is one place that made me wish I was living in Abuja. I mean lets face it, the park life is Lagos is practically non existing. I sob. It was pure joy seeing a green open space in a bustling city (well almost) like Abuja. Lagos…


We rounded up the day at the Arts and Craft Center. It’s crazy how I never came to this place because of its proximity to the Silverbird Cinemas at SEC that I never failed to visit in the past. It’s a great place to get souvenirs but we were more interested in taking pictures than expending any money we had.



By the end of the day, we were well spent and Innocent returned to Lagos while we continued with the rest of our trip.

After this trip, I can finally say I have “EXPLORED” Abuja and if you haven’t and have been there in the past, you should give it a try.

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This trip was sponsored by Travelstart Nigeria. All other opinions remain my own.


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