African Cities

It’s another episode of through our Eyes and our topic of discussion is underrated African cities.

I’m usually not happy with the response I get when people (Nigerians to be specific) ask me for travel advice and I suggest an African destination to them. More often than not, they tend to make a funny face when I suggest a place in Africa which in there opinion is uninteresting.

I’ve had the privilege to visit 12 countries so far and 9 of them are in Africa.  Africa has so much to offer in terms of culture, history, nature and many other pleasures of travel that can be found in other parts of the world. Perhaps, the media perception has been a major factor in portraying the wrong stories about Africa making it unappealing to even Africans themselves.

In this video, we talk about some African cities that being underrated, Beautiful cities in Africa we’ve visited and the ones we will be visiting sometime in the future. We also talked about some of the reasons why some of these destinations may not be appealing to Africans just to mention a few.

What African Cities/Countries have you been? Do you think African Cities are underrated by Africans? What are the challenges with African Travels? Please share your thoughts and comments


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