With 5SCR (Seychellois Rupees) , I took a 30 minutes ride from my lodge in Anse Aux Pins to Victoria. I was entertained by the scene and the greenery of the Island as we drove through the narrow streets with houses on rolling hills, beautiful ponds and beach views as

Nairobi is one most vibrant city in East Africa. It’s not just the capital of Kenya; it’s also a major commercial center in Africa.

Nairobi has a lot to offer. It is the only city with a national park and there are various options in terms of shopping and other


Hello, welcome to Fola’s Waka!

That I love to travel should be pretty obvious… I mean, this blog is all about that afterall.

My love for travelling is sort of inborn. I got my first atlas map when I was six and I was hooked from that moment. My Dad has a tour company and I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few places in the country but my ultimate travel goal is to see beyond that. I haven’t been to so many places but