Travel Leftovers

Do I need to emphasize how much I love to travel? Nah!!! You probably know that by now. If I had my way, I would be a full time nomad roaming from one country to another. But considering that I have commitments at home coupled with the hassles of travelling with a Nigerian passport, I think I’ll pass.

Anyway, If you travel often, you’ll be familiar with some of the list in this post. These are a couple of things you end up with if you love hitting the road. Some I don’t mind, others are simply junk! If you are looking to join the nomad train, take note of these five things you are likely end up with at the end of any trip.


I like collecting currencies to be honest. I always end up with some change from almost every country I’ve visited because I’m scared of running out of cash Plus I can keep a note to take back home with me . There are instances where I’ve had more than enough cash so I change it back at the airport and keep one or two notes.

Travel Leftovers

Sim Cards

You’ll always need to communicate with friends and loved ones back at home hence the need to get a sim card. Though I consider the price of a sim card before I get any and there have been instances I had to make do without it. A typical example was in Istanbul. The Sim card was going to cost me about NGN4,000 equivalent which didn’t make sense to me. For crying out loud, a sim card in Nigeria costs NGN100! During my trip to South Africa, I bought a sim card that never worked on my phone and I was really upset about it. This set me back at about ZAR250 that was enough to get me at least a shoe. I digress. At the end of the day, you are left with tons of sim cards that you won’t end up using again. What a waste!

Boarding Passes

Am I the only one who keeps boarding passes? Call it cheesy but I don’t care! For me, it’s a reminder of the places and visited and I intend to have a collage of all my boarding passes in the near future. I also keep it to claim miles in cases where I forget to punch in my Frequent flyer number while booking my flights.

travel leftover


I keep my receipts with the hope that I’ll do some calculation and know how much exactly I spent on my trip. JOKES!!! That hasn’t happened as I write this post. I got a message once from a reader to give a breakdown of the cost of my trips and I would love to do that sometime. Maybe once I can bring myself to a serious audit mode I will but for now, lets just keep the receipts till further notice.

Tour Passes & Tickets

This for me is sort of like a souvenir for visiting famous attractions. I remember visiting the empire state building and I was told to get a picture of myself photoshoped with the building for USD25. What?!!!! Heck no! The pass will do just fine thank you.


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  1. Amarachi


    I collect some of these items too, except from Sim cards. I rarely buy those, but I think that maybe having an international sim card might be a good way to go. It’ll probably be more expensive though (I don’t know for sure..)

    I just recently began to keep my boarding passes. I think they’ll look great in a scrap book along with receipts and tickets to places…