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We rose early to catch the bus to Cape Coast at Kaneshie . The morning was chilly with a slight intention of rain as the clouds were dark and converging. Heading to the road to get taxi to Kaneshie, we stopped to take capture the moments as we passed by Santa Claus Nursery school. Thoughts in my head wondering why the owner would choose such a name for educational purposes as we waited for a cab to flag down. After about what felt like forever of waiting to flag down a cab and negotiate a fair price, 20 GHc was the damage for a 15 minutes drive to Kaneshie.

The queue for the Mass transit bus at Kaneshie was long but encouraging as the made our way to get our bus tickets to Cape Coast. The ticket was 9 GHc and we had to wait for about 30 more minutes for boarding and luggage to be sorted out before we embarked on our journey. The ride to Cape Coast was smooth for most part. I find it very difficult to sleep on buses so I was awake for the two hour drive.

Once we got to our final stop, it was time to make our way to Kakum National park. Fortunately, Heaven decided to have mercy on us by sending us Eddy (can’t remember his real name), a kind taxi driver who agreed to take us to the park and Elmina castle afterwards for a fare price of 110 GHc. We asked him where we could grab a bite but we changed our minds after he gave us some uninteresting options. We decided to stay strong and ignore the hunger due to the non existing love relationship for Ghanaian cuisine and carry on with our journey.

The road to Kakum was not in very good condition. It took about 40 minutes to get to the park from mainstream Cape Coast. I could not help but drop my jaw at the staggering difference in fees for the Canopy walk between a Ghanaian and Non-Ghanaian. After my jaw dropping episode, I still ended up paying for it and managed to survive the experience

After our tour at Kakum, we made out way back on the bumpy road back to the main town then headed to Elmina Castle. In contrast to the road to Kakum, the road to Elmina was smooth. We drove past the calm unadulterated beach flooded with palm trees. It was a beautiful sight and the view was soothing. We drew closer to the town and we could see the castle from a distance surrounded by numerous fishing boats.

Arriving at the castle, we were fortunate to meet an ongoing tour so we paid the 20 GHc fee and quickly joined in. It was a truly emotional experience reliving all that went down in this place through the words of our guide Kojo. The emotions were evident as I scanned other peoples’ faces during the tour of the prisons. Everyone later cheered up once we were on the roof top taking in amazing views of the town and the Atlantic.

Ride back to Accra

After our Tour at Elmina castle, Eddy took us back to the bus station and we bought our tickets back to Accra. The journey back seemed faster and we got back to Accra in good time. Off to a fast food outlet to buy something we were familiar with and get rid of our rumbling tummy before calling it a night.

Have you ever been to Cape Coast? Where did you visit?


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