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A while ago, I did an interview on Kacheetee.com about travel and one of the questions for the interview was “What destination would you recommend for travellers?” and right off the top of my head, Istanbul was it.

I can’t actually place what it is that makes me love this place so much but I know for sure that I’ll definitely head over there over and over again.

Now lets talk real talk! As much as I loved this city so much, there was one thing about this place that really bothered me to my bone marrow.

Dear Istanbul, could you kindly explain to me why almost every guy that approached me had the intention of either kissing me, trying to get back to my room with me or simply trying to run through me???

As if being black and traveling solo as a female wasn’t already enough hassle for me, dealing with these random guys almost made me regret getting the plane. Whenever you’re walking around the busy streets of the city, they would tactically pop out of nowhere and strike up a conversation with you. Next thing you know, he’s asking;

“You want me to come give you a good time tonight?!”


Where is that coming from?! I was wondering if I had a sign on my forehead that read “HORNY” because I  was a bit perplexed initially when I first started getting such gestures right from the airport! I thought to myself “Maybe it’s just that guy


My initial thought was completely shattered when another random guy that approached me later that evening literally wanted to kiss me!!!

For the most part, I politely declined and walked away. There’s no point trying to argue or be rude to these guys. For starters, I was in their territory so they were clearly at an advantage. Secondly, getting aggressive doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. It may end up even causing more trouble. So there you go! Another travel demon to deal with among random strangers touching your thick spongy hair without prior notice, traders trying to rip you off because you smell like dollars and the list goes on and on.

But in all fairness to these guys, there was that one man who was thought me photo tips and tricks, treated me to an afternoon coffee and told me some very personal stories that never for once try to harass me the whole time. It’s true what they say that for every rule, there is an exception and for that reason, I was able to have a second thought on my already formed prejudices.

After all said, people especially solo female travellers may ask or wonder, “Should I still to visit Istanbul solo?” My answer is YES! Because horny random guys should not stop you from seeing the world and people like that one man exist. And who knows, maybe it’s in your destiny to marry a Turkish man… #justsaying


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  1. WakaGirl


    Haha reminds me of walking on the streets of New York. Just scary at some point. I’ve never been to Istanbul (outside the airport of course) now I’m tempted to take that overnight hotel offer from them 😂