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When I decided to visit Kenya in 2014, I had no plans of eating game meat. None! I didn’t even know a lot about the country so it was only logical I had no idea game eat was eaten there. That was my state of mind until I spoke to my Dad and a friend who both gave me a hint to try it out once I got there. I didn’t think they were that serious as I spoke to them on different occasions but the funny thing was that they both he stated Carnivore as my go to place.

Getting to Nairobi, I mentioned the restaurant to my friend, Pauline but she suggested Pampa instead (who am I to argue with a local). Pampa, Carnivore….The ultimate goal was to chow down like a predator. Alas! my first encounter with game meat. As if my ordeal at Pampa was not enough, The Boma went ahead and established my “game meat eating” expertise. I tried out so many types of meat in both places but these were the ones I had for the first time:

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Crocodile was very similar to chicken but not as juicy. I generally don’t like my grilled meat really juicy so it was perfect for me. When I was a kid, my mum told me she had had crocodile meat before and emphasized on how tasty it was. I thought she was crazy (I didn’t tell her that though. Trust Nigerian parents to follow that kind of statement with a dirty slap) but boy was I wrong! I had crocodile both in Zimbabwe and Kenya and I’m itching to have more of this meat whenever I get the chance.

game meat: crocodile

Crocodile! This is the decant version from The Boma.


Camel meat was a bit coarse and dry (close to kilishi but not as dry). I’m guessing that’s due to the adaptive nature of the animal because it can survive without water for days. The meat was marbled by fat in between that gave it a rubbery texture and I particularly enjoyed it. I loved that it was dry and I shoved my plate with more whenever the waiter offered me.


Impalas are such gentle creatures and I initially felt bad for eating them but then I remembered Cows and Sheeps are also gentle so what the heck! I had it at the boma and it wasn’t bad at all. I couldn’t really make out any similarity to impala so I guess I need to try more versions.

Game meat: Impala


This was my exception for juicy meat. The meat from this animal was so juicy and tender, I was surprised I kept having more servings. It is very similar to pork meat so I’m guessing pork haters wouldn’t be sold on it. I’m not big on pork myself but warthog sure does it for me.


I can’t really consider this as game meat but that was my first time of trying it. It reminded me of trying to eat chicken feet because it had very little meat on each piece.

These are a few of my game meat chow down from the range of selection of game meat out there. I was told some of these places serve lions, zebras, hyenas and so on. Some of them may really freak me out and I may never try them out in the future but for now, I’m quite happy with my selection.

Would you ever try game meat? Please share your thoughts!


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