I’m always excited to try something new but Ghanaian food and I just never clicked. I had tried so much to indulge myself in it but it never worked out. Our love story never came to be so when a friend offered to take my sister and me to a restaurant where they served Nigerian food, we were thrilled. It was as if we had just received salvation (hallelujah somebody). After days of starvation and draining in junk food (when we couldn’t hold the hunger), it was time to chow down on some real home cooked meal.

Dear Banku, so sorry it didn't work out between us.

Dear Banku, so sorry it didn’t work out between us.

My friend had been working in Accra for a couple of months but was out of town when we arrived. He got into town the day before we were scheduled to leave Accra so when he called; we explained our ordeal to him

“We want to eat home food. Where can we get some?”

“Have you tried Buka?”

“No. Where is that?”

“It is somewhere in Osu.”

He later decided take us there even though he was a bit exhausted from his trip back to town and his place in Accra was quite a distance from Ako Adjei where we were staying.  He came in about 40 minutes after our conversation and we started off on our food quest. Arriving at the restaurant, we were quite disappointed because it was just about 10 minutes drive to our accommodation. If only we had known about the place earlier, we wouldn’t have been on hunger strike.

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The Buka restaurant, Osu

The Buka was a well laid out restaurant. It is built mostly of wood (mostly bamboo) and the ambiance was serene. The main restaurant floor doesn’t have windows; sort of reminds me of a sheltered rooftop.

Diving into the menu, they had a variety of Nigerian food as well as Ghanaian. Without much ado, I went straight for Amala and Ewedu with fish, one of my favourite dishes. As we waited for our food, we chatted about work, family and life in general. My friend told us how much he had blended into Ghanaian living and how some other Nigerians have fallen in love with Ghanaian food in addition to Ghanaian girls. He on the other hand also didn’t have a strong affinity for Ghanaian food hence, why he comes to The Buka often. About 20 minutes later, our food arrive and it was time to call off the hunger strike. Oh the Ewedu, how I crave for thy scent!!!



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