South Africa

So I’ll be heading to South Africa tomorrow and I’m super excited about this trip. I’m excited for two main reasons. First, I’ll be adding another country to my bucket list and secondly, it is an all expense paid trip thanks to South African Tourism.

Honestly, asides from apartheid, Nelson Mandela, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, I knew very little about the tourism potentials of South Africa. This was till I took the SA specialist course in July. The general idea behind the course is to equip travel industry professionals in promoting South Africa as a tourist destination and it really broadened my knowledge about the country and has increased my confidence level in discussing a thing or two about South Africa.

It had been included in the mail sent that participants stood a chance at being selected as one of the candidates that will be going on a familiarization trip. Although I didn’t want to get my hopes up because I haven’t been very lucky in the past when it comes to wining, there was a ray somewhere at the back of my mind beaming. Thankfully, I got lucky and was selected to be part of the group.


Now I have to deal with packing my bags ='(

Anyway, we’ve received our itinerary and we will be touring Johannesburg and Cape Town. I’m particularly excited about going on a quad bike safari, taking a hot air balloon and the best part, visiting Robben island (need I remind you about my love for history?).

South Africa

Robben Island

I’m not good at giving chronological accounts of my travels so you can follow my adventures in South Africa on my instagram. I’ll be off now to start packing my bags.

See you in South Africa!


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