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So it’s a brand new year and I’m pretty sure a lot of people would have come up with some resolutions for it. “I promise to lose weight”, “I would put out more applications for that dream job”…. And the list goes on. I used to be one of those people who made resolutions and would later realize that they were easier said than done: into the trash. News Flash!!! I was done making resolutions a few years ago. I realized that it was a bloody waste of my time. Since then, I focused more setting goals which requires me putting down qualitative and quantitative action points in different aspects of my life. As I made this decision, I later came across the concept of Kaizen; A Japanese concept that means “continuous improvement”. This concept in addition to my goal setting is what I use as guide through life and the best part of it is, I do not need a new year to practice it. It is simply a daily process.

Since I started blogging, I’ve been coming more to terms with the ton of work it takes to keep it going. It isn’t the easiest task in all honesty, but I love when I get comments from some readers and that has kept me going. On that note I would like to improve on the following aspects:



In Zimbabwe; one of my favourite trips of 2015

With all the restrictions of FX circulation coupled with a unstable economy, travel is probably the last thing most Nigerians’ have in mind. Well, I exempt myself. I was discussing my probable travel plans with my sister over the phone and she was weary about the cost and the current restrictions on FX.

“I won’t stop living my life because dollar is increasing” I said to her.

“Well it’s true”.

Am I affected by the regulations? Oh yes but it has challenged me in thinking of new ways to travel. I have a few countries are on my list but I will most likely limit my travel to West Africa and I’ll also explore more of my country, Nigeria. It’s alarming how much of potential the country has and I’ll me more than happy to dig deeper in search wonderful experiences that won’t have me breaking the bank.

Asides from my new approach to travel this year, I would also to improve my interaction with locals. I like to immerse myself in culture whenever I’m on the road and one of the best ways to do that is to interact with the  locals.


To be honest I’ve been feeling less inspired to write lately. I don’t know what it is but its been hanging around for too long. I met a friend who hadn’t been visiting my blog and he tells me how much he enjoyed the articles!

“you are really doing a good job. I check your blog everyday. In fact, it has been constantly up on my system for a few days now.”

Just exactly the sort of comment I needed to hear. The sort of comment that reminds me of Kaizen and then here I am. Whatever the case is, I need to also improve on my writing and be more creative. This will also be a little dependent on me finding very unique experiences when I travel.


Aya Sofya

Part of the Blue Mosque as seen from one of the windows of Hagia Sofia

There’s nothing I enjoy more on the road than capturing moments while on the road.  I love candid portraits because it captures more of an emotion that a directed photo and it is one aspect of photography I hope to improve on. This can be a little difficult as not everyone is open to strangers taking their photos. In addition to that, the pictures may become a more orchestrated once they are aware you are taking a photo.

Imier was not aware I was going to take this photo

Imier was not aware I was going to take this photo

I also like Landscape photography and I’ll keep exploring that aspect as well.

In all, It won’t be an easy task but It will all be worth it eventually.

Wish Me Luck!!!


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