Taking a walk around Nairobi city center, you can’t help but admire the city. It has some beautiful structures and well laid out streets. The most popular of the structures around the city center is the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).

Pauline and I were strolling around the city center on this nice Nairobi afternoon (the only afternoon I spent there unfortunately) and I got to take a few pictures here and there. When I saw KICC from a distance, I couldn’t help but capture this shot;

Photo: KICC

It happens to be my favourite photo of KICC because of its unusual angle and the interaction of the car, street light and the railings with the building.  I also love the tones in the image and the framing of the building by the leaves adds a good contrast to the building’s color.

Here are some other images of the building and its surroundings;

Photo: KICC

Photo: Jomo

Photo: Parliament from KICC

Photo: Statue of Jomo Kenyatta

Photo: KICC


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