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Forgive me if I sound too serious but I’m all about that CNN life. I’m usually glued to this channel if there’s less talk about American politics and more about business, culture and interviews in general. One of my favourite programs is Inside Africa (still baffles me that our stories have to be told by western media but at least it’s being told). I like that they feature stories across the continent that are less discussed by mainstream media and of course, I enjoy the educational and informative contents of it.

Last week’s episode of Inside Africa was about the Orphaned Elephants in Kenya and the several conservation efforts to ensure the safety of these gentle creatures. Then I remembered my visit to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage (which was also featured on the episode) in Nairobi almost two years ago.

Meet Jumbo 😊

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The David Sheldrick Orphanage is home to about fifty orphaned Elephants that are found across the national parks in Kenya. From the Tsavo National Park to the masai Mara, these elephants are orphaned no thanks to the increased poaching activities across these national parks.

My friend took me to to visit the elephants at a token fee of 500 KES. I was quite excited because it was my first encounter with Elephants. Though I’ve been on a couple of safaris, I’ve actually never spotted an elephant in the wild till date. Beats me.

The elephant show is for about an hour. They are brought out in groups and introduced to visitors. Each ones’s story is then narrated as they are fed and interact with their audience.

Here are some shots from my visit










I enjoyed meeting these gentle creatures and I also got to interact with them at the Elephant Sanctuary on my trip to South Africa. Still hoping to spot them in the wild someday but until then, I’m satisfied.

Have you ever been to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage?


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