South Africa is an amazing country to visit. I had been longing to go till I got the chance last December when I went with my sister.We landed in Johannesburg, our first contact with South Africa after a six hour flight from Lagos. Knowing that we weren’t staying long in Johannesburg, the major thing on our agenda was to visit the famous Sandton City where they have the Mandela Square with a statue of Nelson Mandela. You can do a bit more sightseeing in the area, eat some good food, yummy ice cream and just enjoy what Sandton has to offer.

Nelson Mandela Statue, Sandton City

Nelson Mandela Statue, Sandton City

The next day, we took a bus to our next stop…Durban. It is better to go by road if you love adventure and sightseeing; you get to see a bit more of South Africa and its beautiful landscape. It takes about 6-8 hours from Johannesburg to Durban. Although it was quite far and a bit tiring, it was kind of fun. The trick is to go with a gist partner, watch movies (they also play some on the bus), nap, chew something, etc. There is usually a 20 minutes stop over to use the ladies or gents and buy some food.

On the way to Durban

On the way to Durban

In Durban, the first attraction we visited the Ushaka Marine World. It is a marine themed park with a lot of sea animals. There is an aquarium (where you can have a glimpse of life in the ocean and its diverse ecosystem), animal shows and loads of other activities. If you ever find yourself in Durban, a visit to the Ushaka Marine World is a must.

IMG-20150220-WA012 rs

Sea Mammal


Dolphin Show

IMG-20150220-WA018 copyrs

The next day, we were off to the popular Durban beach. Entry to the beach is free of charge but you have to pay for each fun ride you decide to go on. It is an all-day escapade at the Durban beach as there are lots of things to do there, from water rides, to sky rides, roller coasters of all sorts, and yes, the beach itself. You can’t afford to be scared at this beach; you must be an adrenaline junkie in order to enjoy the fun rides. It is better to start with a tour of the beach, walk around and see all it has to offer then start with one that appeals to you the most. My suggestion is to start with the top/sky ride; it is a slow cable ride that shows you a panoramic view of the entire beach from above.

IMG-20150220-WA010 copy rs

IMG-20150220-WA004 copy rs2

We wrapped up Durban with racing (go-karting) and 3D games at Gateway and as expected, it was all Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!



Our final stop was on our trip was Cape Town. Apparently, it is referred to as the richest city in South Africa. We were told it is about 24 hours by road from Durban so we took a flight instead. We arrived Cape Town late and we were quite exhausted so we took time out to chill at one of the African bars; there were drinks, board games while we relaxed conversing with a couple of friends.

Cape Town has so many activities so we went right into it the next day. First, we headed to Victoria Wharf for some sightseeing. It is a beautiful place with a couple of activities-a slow roller coaster, a few stores, art shops and many more. They also had statues of great leaders like Nelson Mandela there.

IMG-20150220-WA017 copyrs

At Victoria Wharf

Picture4 copy rs

Statues of Great Leaders

Picture3 copy rs

After wandering around Victoria Wharf, we decided to go on a boat cruise. It takes you on a tour around homes, flats and hotels built by the water, and the tour guide talks about their different histories. It lasts for about 30 minutes.

IMG-20150220-WA021 copy


IMG-20150220-WA014 rs

Cruise Groupie

Next, we went on the tour bus. It moves around and the tour guide gets you through up until the cable to the table mountain. We got on the cable car and it takes us up the mountain. It is an amazing ride up and the view is spectacular. The atmosphere on top of the mountain is entirely different ; it is usually windy and the view is amazing!!! You can see the entire town from the top. There is also a café where you can relax for a while before heading back to the city.


Bus Tour


The view from above

Picture7 copy rs

Overall, my trip to South Africa was a wonderful experience. It was nice exploring its major cities and what they had to offer and I particularly liked being with family which was best part of it.

IMG-20150220-WA019 copy rs

Family is Everything

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