I was told that Mungo Park discovered the Niger.

Who in the world is Mungo Park? I keep asking myself each time I hear that statement. What’s his antecedent and what was he looking for in the area that he discovered the Niger.

These are some of the thoughts that run through my head when I hear statements like these. And then I was in Victoria Falls a while back and I was reminded that David Livingstone discovered the Falls…Excuse me, WHAT?!!! I must confess, I HATE that word with a passion. The more I ponder on it, the more it aggravates me. I’m not saying that because I was unlucky to stamp my name on a site and lay claim on them like these people, I’m simply saying so because it is not true in anyway that they discovered these places in my opinion. For all it’s worth, these sites had been in existence years before anyone of them were born and the best part is, people had been existing there long before they dreamed of seeing these sites so laying claim on a site by stamping your name on it and calling yourself a discoverer is something I probably will never get over.

And to think that decades later, the generations of these people who had been living around these sites are put together in a class room and taught about these discoverers when in fact, their great great grand father who was maybe a little boy at that time was one of the escorts of this so called “discoverer” and decided to show him River Niger, or Victoria Falls. Shame.

I’m happy that I wasn’t taught such crap in a classroom. In my opinion, it is the shittiest thing to teach kids in this age and I certainly won’t be teaching my child any of that. That being said, I wish that the word “Discoverer” be scratched off some people and be replaced by the word “Recognizer” if that would suffice.


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