I bet you may have heard of Victoria Falls at one point in time but just shoved it of your thoughts. If you did that, you’re on the wrong track. I was opportune to visit this little border town and I had some of the best experiences of my life till date. Like some people, I had heard of Victoria Falls time over time but I had a strong urge to visit thanks to the song “Am I wrong” by Nico & Vinz. I loved the video so much I googled it to read more about the artists and the BAM!!! I got information about the location where the video for the song was shot and I’m sure you can guess where that is.


Welcome to Victoria Falls

I took this trip to Zimbabwe to attend the Sanganai/Hlanganani World Tourism expo which is organised by the Zimbabwe Travel Authority (ZTA) and I had selected Victoria Falls as my pre-tour destination. I have selected these photos to summarize my trip at a glance.


Received by Ilembe Shining Spears

Arriving at Victoria Falls Airport, we were received with a minor performance from Ilembe Shinning Spears. We met  the ZTA representative in Victoria Falls and off we were for our site inspections.

Our first stop was The Victoria Falls Hotel. This Hotel was built in 1904 and has retain a lot of its characteristics till date. It was expanded in 1996 and is famous for the view of the Victoria Falls bridge from it’s terrace with the spread of the Falls behind it. Some of it’s notable guests are Chuck Norris and The Queen of England who visited in 1947.


The Victoria Falls Hotel


Striking View


The Terrace at Victoria Falls Hotel


The Victoria Falls Bridge as seen from the Hotel

We headed for The Kingdom hotel next right next to The Victoria Falls Hotel. This hotel has an indigenous cultural theme tied to its structure and layout.


The Great enclosure at The Kingdom Hotel


Poolside at The Kingdom Hotel

We lodged into the Rainbow Hotel and had lunch before heading for another site inspection at a premium lodge and then A’Zambezi hotel. I liked this hotel because it was just by the river Zambezi. It would be nice to wake up to the fresh breeze from the river don’t you think?


Entrance at A’Zambezi Hotel


A’Zambezi Hotel


Staring on to River Zambezi

Dinner was at The Boma later in the evening. We were wrapped with traditional clothing and entertained by a cultural dance on arrival. We had our faces painted and the performances continued during our meals. Dinner was buffet style and we had various options of grilled meat-game included- and other dishes plus dessert. We later joined in the dancing after our meals and it was a blast.


Arriving at The Boma


We were all required to tie the traditional fabric

Time to chow down

Time to chow down


She had a proper painted face


Everyone joined in the fun

The next day, we went to the helipad where a couple of us in the group had booked for the helicopter tour. We were given discounts (thanks to ZTA) and had a briefing before we proceeded to the Helicopter for the tour. The whole ride was about 15 minutes and the view from above was surreal. We saw the whole town at a glimpse with the Falls and Zambezi as the center of focus. We also sighted Livingstone from a distance and also the Victoria Falls bridge. I was truly glad I booked this tour.


Victoria Falls as seen from the Helicopter

Victoria falls

Another Victoria Falls view


Victoria Falls Hotelf from above


A Ferry on Zambezi


A’Zambezi Hotel

After the Helicopter tour, we went on a site inspection of Elephant Hills Resort. This resort is the resident of President Robert Mugabe in Victoria Falls and has also had Michael Jackson as a notable guest…Need I say more?


The view from one of the conference rooms at Elephant Hills Resort


Palms at Elephant Hills Resort


All Green tree at Elephant Hills Resort

Off we were after lunch to the Victoria Falls bridge. From the bridge, we sighted the falls and I was able to capture this lovely rainbow over the gorge. We enjoyed the view while strolling between the two countries Zambia and Zimbabwe so am I permitted to say I’ve added Zambia to long list of destinations? Not exactly! I need a stamp on passport to seal that.


A rainbow over the Gorge


I was torn between Zambia and Zimbabwe but I’m sure you can guess where I stayed


The Victoria Falls Bridge…The Bungee side

Our ZTA representative got me and a fellow group member a complimentary bungee jump but I bailed right at the edge. I was a bit disappointed in myself as bungee jumping has been on my activity bucket list for years but I had to be honest with myself. I wasn’t ready to conquer my fear of heights just yet. Maybe some other time at another bungee jumping site lower than this.


My fooling smile after bailing on bungee

Since I chickened out on the bungee jumping, it was game on when I was offered to do the Crocodile cage dive. I didn’t really enjoy this activity thanks to a guy who had a panic attack when the cage was lowered in the water. Thank God we were pulled out on time for him to catch his breath. The activity usually takes about 25 minutes but we were only going to be into the water for 5-10 minutes (which never came to pass thanks once again to the panic attack guy) because we had to arrive on time for the sunset cruise.


The diving place


The cage


Yes we were in the water these huge Nile Crocodiles


We were pretty excited about the dive

After my truncated swim with the Nile Crocodiles, we went on a sunset cruise over river Zambezi. We had a lovely time having drinks, snacking and chatting while we enjoyed the sunset over Zambezi. What a way to end the day.


Fiercely coming at you


Patiently awaiting its prey


Sunset over Zambezi


And another one




My Silhouette

The next day, I was dragged along with some of my group members for the Lion Encounter experience and need I say it was an unforgettable one. The walk was for about an hour and we took turn walking with the Lions. I posted this particular picture on my facebook and instagram pages and the comments had me laughing in Spanish (if such laugh exists). I had to explain severally that the Lions were tamed because they’ve been under human care since they were born but as I expected, some people stuck to their opinions. Whatever!!! I was glad I walked with Lions and the best part is…I’M STILL ALIVE!!!!!!


Walking with Phezulu


Stroking Phezulu


Finally, we wrapped up our trip with a tour of Victoria Falls. I was happy I had the opportunity to see this beauty in my lifetime. I was advised not to carry my camera with me because of the spread of the falls so forgive me if the pictures below are not up to standard. At least I have something to remind me of the tour thanks to a group member who was with his phone.


With David Lingstone


Racing by the falls


We had a blast

This sums up my visit to Victoria Falls. I’ll have more posts on some of my experiences on this trip later.

*My trip to Zimbabwe was courtesy of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. All opinions however remain my own


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