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No matter how many times you go on a safari, the experience will always be different. Whether it’s a walking safari, or the usual drive in a 4×4, the sheer essence of temporary cohabitation with animals in the wild is quite a thrilling experience. Something that can become quite addictive in fact. So when my itinerary for South Africa included quad biking safari, I was beyond thrilled! Obviously!

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The quad bike safari was at the Outdoor Adventure Center in Sun City. I was quite nervous to be honest as I have never driven a quad bike before. When we arrived at the center, we were welcomed by the tour guides. There was then a briefing by the tour guide who will be guiding us on the safari, taking us through basic safety precautions general information on the quad biking safari. Afterwards, We proceeded to learn how to operate the quad bike.

It was quite easy to ride the bike to my surprise. All the controls are by the handle of the bike and easily reachable. Once we all seemed to understand the basics of operating the quad bike, we were handed protective glasses, eye wear and were each given a quad bike to ride.


We started off the tour with some practice. Our guide took us round paths close to their offices so we could get familiar and comfortable operating the bike. After a few minutes of practice, the tour was in full bloom.

The terrain in Pilanesberg is a little rocky and dusty. The harsh midday sun crashed hard as we went in search of wildlife in between dehydrated bushes and trees. With the guide in the fore front, we all rode on a single file like subjects behind their master. Women in front and Men behind. After about twenty minutes of swindling through the rough paths, we spotted our first animal. It was something that looked like an Antelope (I seriously get these animals confused…Impalas, Antelopes, etc). Our guide slowed down so we could get a good glimpse of it. It was a bit hidden deep in the bush but my 24-70mm did a good job of catching a glimpse of it.


Next was on our radar were the giraffes. They were closer than the animal we spotted previously, almost eyeballing us as we also slowed down to get a good look at them. We later caught up with a couple of more impalas as they ran fast across our path.

quad biking safari

The safari took about an hour in all. After about 45 minutes of riding, I started having back aches but it was worth it. Though we didn’t spot any of the big five, viewing some other famous animals was equally rewarding.

And to be honest, I wondered what it would have been like if we saw a Lion approaching. Yikes!

Would you be open to game viewing on a quad bike?


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    I think I would be worried about seeing any member of the Big 5 (maybe except the Buffalo) on a quad bike but yeah, I’m open to the idea.

    That picture of you and the lion though, it makes me nervous and excited and then nervous again! LOL. Great photo and great pictures of the giraffes. Love how they blend naturally with the surroundings.