Rwanda's Financial Implication

I’ve gotten a few request to do posts on how much I spend on my travels (aka Financial Implication) but it has never really been my thing because first, I think that cost is dynamic and me giving a post about it doesn’t necessarily show a true picture of the destination. Secondly, I believe experience supersedes costs any day and last but not least, I’m too darn lazy to start compiling all the cost. And the truth is, I have every single receipt of tours and accommodation I’ve spent on my travels.

So when I got the request again sometime in June, I thought to myself that it’s time to get my lazy ass together and do a post finally!

Rwanda was pretty affordable in my opinion and it was money well spent if you ask me. I think most things were relatively well priced comparing it to some other destinations I’ve been. In calculation the cost in Naira and Dollars, I’ll be using the following exchange rates:

*$1=RWF 830

*$1=NGN 365

I took this trip with my husband so I’ll be indicate if any amount stated is for 2 people.


I bought a multi-destination ticket to Rwanda and Kenya for NGN171,896 on Travelstart. The ticket was for Kenya Airways but the Kigali leg of the trip was on Rwandair. This was my itinerary for the Lagos to Kigali leg of the trip:


Rwanda's Financial Implication

Kivu Peace View Hotel

I used Airbnb for the first in Kigali and it was one of the best travel decision I’ve ever made. It cost $157 for 4 nights. We had a really good host who gave us highly objective recommendations and made our stay as pleasant as possible. Hotel at Gisenyi (Kivu Peace View) was $144 for 3 nights (2 people) and it included breakfast. I later realized that it was cheaper booking directly from the hotel. A night stay for the most expensive room was RWF 40,000.

Total: $301/NGN 109,865


IMG_4463 (1)

I mentioned in a previous post that the best way to move around is with the moto taxi. They are cheap and safe! The highest amount I paid for a moto taxi ride was RWF 1,000 but prices generally are solely based on your negotiation skills. Here is a daily breakdown of my routes and cost per person:

Day 1: Airbnb – MTN centre – Kigali Genocide Memorial – Inema Art Centre – Airbnb RWF 2,600

Day 2: Airbnb – Nyamirambo – Fazenda Sengha (Mount Kigali) – City centre – Airbnb RWF 4,000

Day 3: Airbnb – Kandt House Museum – Kigali City Tower – Airbnb; SoleLuna-Airbnb RWF 2,600

Day 4: Airbnb – Nyabugogo; Bus stop in Gisenyi – Hotel RWF 1,300

Day 5: Hotel – Boat Ride Take off point – Hotel RWF 2,000

Day 6: Hotel – Pfunda Tea Company – Gisenyi Beach-Hotel RWF 2,500

Day 7: Hotel – Bus Park RWF 500; Nyabugogo – Airbnb RWF 1,000

On Day 4, We took a bus to Gisenyi for RWF 3,000 per person one way. Return was on Day 7 for the same price. The bus company was Ritco and I highly recommend them if you intend to go to Gisenyi. The buses had enough leg room, entertainment and free wifi.

On Day 3, we walked from our Airbnb to SoleLuna restaurant but couldn’t take chances walking back because we were exhausted and extremely full.

To get to our Airbnb from the airport, we too a taxi for RWF 8,000. Our host organised for a taxi to take us back to the airport for RWF 6,000

Total: RWF 36,500/$43.98/NGN 16,051.20


There was no breakfast included in our Airbnb but our hosts recommended Simba supermarket which had a restaurant attached to it. The food here was really good and very affordable. I don’t eat Here is a Daily breakdown of money spent on food for both of us

Day 1: Breakfast RWF 7,800. We had Lunch/Dinner at a Chinese restaurant close to our Airbnb called A Link for RWF 13,000

Day 2: Breakfast RWF 7,600. We had Lunch during our Walking Tour at Nyamirambo. For dinner, we bought Pizza at Kigali city Tower for RWF 7,000

Day 3: Breakfast RWF 8,400. Dinner at SoleLuna was RWF 22,700

Day 4: We couldn’t sit to have breakfast at the restaurant because we were heading to Gisenyi so we asked for them to pack and paid RWF 3,400. We had Lunch at our Hotel in Gisenyi and the portions were enormous. Asides from breakfast, we ended sharing every meal we had there. Lunch was RWF 5,000

Day 5: Breakfast was at the hotel. We had Akabenz at Inzozi beach hotel for RWF 4,000. We ordered for two drinks but they brought only one. We paid RWF 1,000 for it. Dinner at the hotel was RWF 5,000.

Day 6: Breakfast at the hotel. We went to Calafia Cafe in the evening and spent RWF 5,200 on drinks and finger food. Dinner was RWF 5,000

Day 7: We had breakfast at the hotel before heading back to Kigali. I tried Ethiopian food for the first time when we got back to Kigali at Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant close to my Airbnb and it cost RWF 13,000 (2 people) and drinks cost RWF 3,000.

Total: RWF 111,100/ $133.85/ NGN 48,857.22

* Split the cost into two to get the average cost per person

First time trying out Ethiopian food. #mixedfeelings

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Kigali Genocide Memorial free

Inema Art Centre free

Nyamirambo Walking Tour RWF 15,000

Fazenda Sengha Horseback Riding RWF 10,000

Kandt House museum RWF 6,000

Lake Kivu boat ride RWF 30,000

Gisenyi Hot Springs RWF 1,000

Pfunda Tea Company RWF 8,300

Total: RWF 70,300/$84.70/ NGN 30,915.06


Visa is on arrival for $30. Sim card was RWF 1,500 at MTN centre. I bought data worth RWF 1,000 and an extra RWF 1,000 later in the week. I got tea at Pfunda for RWF 1,000. Movie ticket was RWF 3,000. A bottle of water was RWF 500 for 1Litre and we bought 5 in total amounting to RWF 2,500 during our stay (we had most of our meals with water). Had to buy and Adapter and paid RWF 1,000. I needed needle and thread so I got it for RWF 1,000 at Nakumatt. Extra snacks and drinks was RWF 4,600.

Total: RWF 41,500/$50/NGN 18,250

I hope this comes in useful and handy for those who request for this post and anyone who just wants to have a general idea of how much to spend in Rwanda. I tried to be as detailed as possible in my own little way. Hope it helps!

*Always note that prices are subject to change due to inflation, exchange rate and other factors

*Your interests will determine how much you end up spending on your trip


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