With 5SCR (Seychellois Rupees) , I took a 30 minutes ride from my lodge in Anse Aux Pins to Victoria. I was entertained by the scene and the greenery of the Island as we drove through the narrow streets with houses on rolling hills, beautiful ponds and beach views as the bus sprawled and halted at different stops along the way.

The Bus to Victoria

The Bus to Victoria

Once I got to bus station, the first thing I had in mind was locating the tourist centre. I had seen a building earlier that had a sign post with the word tourism so I walked backed convinced it was the tourist centre-it wasn’t unfortunately. It was later directed to me by a lady named Antonia who runs a souvenir shop-and became my go to tour guide-I made friends with. Although she didn’t let me take a picture her, she willingly vacated her shop for me to get a shot.

Antonia's Souvenir Shop

Antonia’s Souvenir Shop

Getting to the tourist centre, I asked about places of interest on the Island and the lady in charge gave me a map and showed places I could visit and also advised I book a tour if I want to visit the other Islands. She then asked where I was staying;

“Albizia Lodge.”

“Oh my! Albizia is far from everything.”

I told her that was what I could afford as I was travelling solo.

“But there much cheaper places in town. Booking.com directs most people to Anse Aux Pins. Anyway, you could visit the spice village close to Anse Aux Pins.”

After a few minutes of chatting, off I was to visit the Museum just down the road from the Tourist centre. There really isn’t much to see at the Museum expect for the wide range of Flora and Fauna that existed on the Island.

I headed to Creole Services to book my tour to Praslin and La Digue after my Museum visit. I spoke to Josette the booking attendant extensively asking a million questions before I finally parted with my €180.

“Where can I have Lunch around here?”

“There’s a restaurant down the road when you exit the building and turn left called Mary Antoinette. You’ll get very good Creole food there.”

I took a few minutes to take a good shot of the famous Clock tower in Victoria because they had a good view from there in front of the exit. It felt good taking my own shots of the monument even though it wasn’t very different from what I’d previously seen online.

Clock Tower in Victoria long

Clock Tower in Victoria

Lunch was at Butcher’s Grill (I had a feeling Marie Antoinette would be expensive) where I bought burger and fries with a drink for 55SCR ($3.66) and it was worth it-the meal would have been about $8 in Lagos.

I decided to visit the botanical garden after lunch so I went back to Antonia for directions then off I was. The fee was 50 SCR which I thought was a lot. The main attraction for me was the giant tortoise.

Giant Tortoise Sign

Giant Tortoise Sign

IMG_3452 copy rs

And Then the Giant Tortoise

I was confused on how to take the bus back to Anse Aux Pins so I opted for a taxi. After several bargaining with the taxi driver, he decided to take me back for about 360SCR. I asked him about beaches and he recommended Anse Intendance and Beau Vallon. He then offered to show me a lovely view up a hill (at an extra cost of course) and who was I to object?

The view was indeed lovely and I was glad I didn’t object. As expected, here’s a shot of the view.

View of Eden Island from Victoria

View of Eden Island from Victoria

Eden 2

Eden Island

I has a sneak preview of Eden Island until I finally called it a day after seeing Victoria and I must say Victoria was worth it.

Fola Jemi-Alade

Fola Jemi-Alade

I’m Fola and I love to travel! My love for travelling is sort of inborn. I got my first atlas map when I was six and I was hooked from that moment. A long time dream of mine is to visit at least 100 countries in my life time.

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