Grand Bassam

I knew nothing about Grand Bassam until about a month to my visit to Cote d’Iviore when it was attacked. Asides from my intended visit to Abidjan, I had nowhere else planned for this trip. And then I watched the news.


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Grand Bassam is a town situated about 35 kilometres outside Abidjan along the coast of the Atlantic. It was the capital of Cote d’Ivoire during the colonial era in the 19th century and an important seaport during that period till the early 20th century. The historic part of the town was added to the list of UNESCO World heritage site in 2012

My humble friend took out time from his busy schedule to take us to Grand Bassam. Though we had originally planned to visit Assinie-Mafia on the trip, we couldn’t make it due to time constraint.

The drive to Grand Bassam was a smooth one. The newly constructed road was responsible for that and for the most part, I was quite impressed by the road network in all the parts I visited in Cote d’Ivoire. The drive took about 30 minutes. Once we arrived there, we headed straight to the beach.

We spent an hour in total relaxing by the beach which I was also impressed about how clean it was considering the fact that it was a public beach. We strolled around taking pictures and basically enjoying the view. I sighted the resort that was attacked just a month prior which is also situated by the beach. Life seemed to have been returning back to normal because there were a few tourists there trooping out from it.







Sisters on the beach. The beach at Grand Bassam was super clean 😍

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I would love to visit Grand Bassam again. I didn’t get a chance to explore the historic town which is a UNESCO world heritage site and visit the masks artists of the town. I also wouldn’t mind stuffing myself with more Poisson Braisé. I bet the one there would taste better than it did in Abidjan. Fingers crossed.


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