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Do you ever consider going on multi-destination trips? If your answer is No, you may need to re-calibrate your thoughts and consider it as an option at least for once. Going on a multi-destination trip is perhaps one of the most efficient cost-saving travel tactic to adopt. Though initially when it may seem expensive, you’ll be amazed at the amount of money you’ll spend on the long run.

I was sold on this travel hack after my first multi-destination trip was in 2014 that took me three countries. The initial plan was to visit Seychelles and the UAE so I was leaning towards taking Emirates till a friend advised me to explore other flight options. After my research, I realized that it was cheaper taking Kenya Airways but the issue with the stopover. 23 hours stop!!!! There was no way I was going to stay at the airport for that long so I decided to extend it and spend 2 nights in Nairobi. The ticket cost me about $1,400 (this was about N225,000 before all the economic ish) which in my opinion is very affordable for 3 countries. Imagine if I was to buy a separate ticket to visit each individual country. That would have cost me a fortune but I was able to conclude the whole trip at about $3,000.

Multi-destination trips take a lot of planning. From saving up for the trip to searching for hotels and places of interest in the countries under consideration, one must be careful in order to have well planned trip that will be memorable. If you want to consider as an option, here are some other handy tips that will help you plan your trip better:

Study The Map

I’ve been studying maps since I was 6 so I probably can geographically locate most countries in the world. Give me blank paper and a pencil or pen and I can draw you a not so detailed map of the world that would be at least 65-70% accurate. In essence, having an idea of where a particular country is can help you plan better. For instance, If I were to visit India, I would also plan to add Sri Lanka and the Maldives on that trip because they are all in the same region and the two later countries have less stringent visa policies for Nigerian passport holders.

courtesy of google images: multi-destination trips

Purchase Your Ticket Early

The standard is about 60 days to your travel date. This rule my not necessarily apply because there are instances where prices fall at periods closer to travel date. Never the less, purchasing your tickets early could save you a whole bunch of money.

Maximize Stopovers

Why waste stopovers when you can make the most of it. Seize the opportunity to explore the country rather than waste precious time at the airport. This option may be difficult as Nigerians  as we require visas to almost every country in the world (that really sucks). Not to worry, countries like Kenya and Rwanda that have national carriers offer lapsed visa processing procedures so you can take advantage of such opportunities.

Make The Most Of Visas

Having a particular visa can also help you plan multi-destination trips better. An instance will be a US visa which you can use to visit Mexico, Puerto Rico and Turkey to name a few. A multiple visa from any OECD country can be used to visit Turkey in general and a multiple Schengen visa from the Netherlands will be valid to visit places like Aruba.

Passports Can Also Be Of Advantage

Coming from a country like Nigeria, this may sound like mockery but if you can’t afford the really expensive tickets to famous places with crazy visa policies, why not take advantage of your passport. Do a road trip to Ghana from Lagos and use that opportunity to visit Togo and Benin or Book a flight to Senegal and plan to visit Cape Verde for a day or two on that trip. There are also beautiful places in West Africa that won’t have you breaking the bank so make the most of it.

Multi-destination trips

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