The Zambezi

I probably will never forget the song about the seven rivers of Africa we sang in school. I remember how  tiny arguments about either River Benue or River Senegal being the third one would erupt half way through the song. For the most part, I was never interested in the argument. I most likely day dreaming of visiting at least one in my life time (this travel bug has been biting since I was a child). As time and chance would have it, I’ve been able to visit three of these rivers and my most memorable one was to the Zambezi.

I was absolutely excited about visiting the River Zambezi when I got my itinerary to Victoria Falls. During my group trip to Victoria Falls, we went on a sunset cruise of the famous river. And as expected, it was all shades of amazing.

The cruise started at 4pm in the evening and lasted for about 2.5 hours. After departure, refreshments were served as the guide briefed us on the routes we’ll be taking on the cruise. There are about three channels on the cruise and the last one belonged to Zambia (not 100% sure). After the guide’s briefing, there was cheering and chatting while music played behind the scene and we sailed on the mighty Zambezi.

As we cruised on the river, we spotted a couple of animals and live and survive on it. We first spotted some birds, a crocodile and then Hippos. That was my first time spotting a Hippo so I was beyond thrilled as we approached a couple of them immersed into the river with half of their head showing. I remember one of my group members being upset that the guide wasn’t telling people to be quite whenever we saw an animal. When I asked why, he answered;

“The animals will be scared and run away.”

For the most part of the cruise, I was busy getting more acquainted with my group members until the big moment arrived. The most beautiful sunset I had seen in a really long time!

We all could not help but get out our cameras and capture the moment but to be honest, no camera can do justice to beauty that was right before our eyes.

And I capped the evening with a silhouette shot of the Zambezi 🙂

If you ever find yourself in Victoria Falls or Livingstone, you should definitely add the cruise to your list. It’ll be totally worth it!

What You Should Know

  • The cruise costs about $40
  • It can also be done in Zambia.
  • You’ll be better off in light clothing.
  • Don’t forget to be quiet when you spot an animal.

*My trip to Zimbabwe was courtesy of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. All opinions however remain my own


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