canopy Walk

“Make sure you do the canopy walk. I heard it’s mad!!!”

That was a very good friend telling me about the canopy walk as I informed her about my upcoming trip to Ghana. Mad in this case meant “Awesome” as I sensed an inkling in her voice to try it because she was extremely enthusiastic talking about it. I never heard of Kakum National Park let alone the canopy walk until I decided to visit Ghana. Prior to doing the canopy walk at Kakum, the closest I ever got to doing one was at the Osun-Osogbo sacred groove in Osogbo (it is not an actual canopy walk to be honest, just a bridge over the osun river) but thanks to people like my friend and Jessica Festa, it was brought to my awareness.

About thirty something kilometers away from Cape Coast on a very bumpy road lies Kakum national park. A vast land of fauna and flora species designated as a reserve in 1931, it was later converted into a park in 1992. The canopy walk was built by two Canadians from Vancouver with the purpose of  visitors getting a better view of the park (maybe not so that visitors can get a better view…just my thought).

I  must admit, going on the canopy walk was a scary thing. I kept thinking I would fall off the bridge and that would be the end of my short life. After going on the second ridge, I was able to calm my nerves and finish up the rest of the walk. I didn’t have much choice anyway, there was no turning back at that point so my only option was to keep going. If you plan to visit Kakum National Park and go on the canopy walk, here are some tips I would recommend that can help you in overcome your fears:

canopy walk

Canopy Walk

Don’t Look Down

Whatever you do, DON”T LOOK DOWN!!! this is one important note to remember when on the canopy walk. Looking down will skyrocket whatever fear or tension you already have of going further on the canopy walk. Simply set your eyes on the finish line and keep going. You’ll be at the end before you know it.

Go Ahead Of The Pack

You’ll most likely not be the only one who wants to go on the canopy walk so this is an essential tip that I recommend you to follow. If you go ahead of the pack, vibration of the canopy walk is reduced immensely because there is less load on it. This will make you more focused and you’ll be able to walk faster on the bridge.


Statistics Will Console You

As far as I know or was informed, no death has ever been recorded at the canopy walk so why should you be the first. Maintenance on the canopy walk is done twice a year to ensure its safety for visitors so there is no need to be afraid of falling off the bridge.

Face Your Fears

If all the other tips fly out the window, just go ahead and face your fears.

I survived!

Oh yes! I survived

Have you ever been on a canopy walk? How was the experience?


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