Confession Time!!!

I don’t know about you but I hated going to church as a kid. It was SUPER BORING!!! Forgive me Lord but seriously, that was the last place I wanted to be after school. I remember how my Mum used to take my sister and I to the Tailor’s and pack yards of Ankara and Guinea to make matching outfits for us. She never ceased to emphasize how nice the styles she picked would look nice on us when we wear it to church on Sundays…If only she knew how much I disagreed with her. Asides from my Mum making sure we had matching outfits, I had to deal with Sunday school which I usually never attended, the service that usually was for about 3 hours without me getting a concrete message from the sermon (I was too young I guess) and of course the bitching!!!! Yep! It started from way back and now we are here!


Ok enough of my rant.

Maybe my former church should have gotten a cue from Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Abidjan. Probably that would have given me a reason to get up every Sunday and be excited about church. Yep! I said it!!! But in all fairness, Saint Paul’s Cathedral is BAE!!! Considering the fact that the structure was completed over 20 years ago, it doesn’t seem to have aged a bit. Of course that feature will be courtesy of a group of people who know and understanding the importance of maintenance, an understanding which is considerably lacking in my home country.


The distinctively unique structure of the church stands out vividly in the Skyline of Plateau, the main business commune of Abidjan. According to Wikipedia; “The striking external feature of the cathedral which attracts visitors at the entrance itself is the tall concrete structure which is shaped like an anthropomorphic giant.”

With a capacity of about 5,000, it is a big church with an enormous compound with other small buildings and elements. At the main entrance (not sure if it is the main entrance but I choose to call it that), there are some scriptures inscribed on the wall and there’s a statue of Jesus Christ at a corner not too far from it on a well manicured lawn.

Posing with Jesus

Inside the church, they have some cool glass paintings that make up the windows and doors. I couldn’t help but stare at them in awe as they were really beautiful and accentuate the church’s character, giving it life and a warming vibe.


I liked that the church had many entrances each with its own character. One entrance (which I referred to as the main one) is on Boulevard de la  Republique close to the stadium is where you’ll find the wall inscription and the statue of Jesus Christ. Another is on Boulevard Angoulvant opposite a couple of Plateau Skyscrapers. My favourite entrance is the one on Boulevard de Gaulle overlooking the bay of Cocody. It had some wall sculptures of Jesus christ and some other bible characters on the wall. The may have been other entrances but I was too engrossed with admiring the structures and taking in a view of the Bay of Cocody.

IMG_3590 resize

IMG_3609.jpg resize

Every part of this church seems to tell a story. One I cannot completely narrate in one post. From its main structure to the glass paintings to the wall sculptures, It is obvious that so much work and thought was put into building this church that I highly appreciate. Though I’m not Catholic, it made me appreciate the faith more and see it in a whole new light.

If you ever find yourself in Abidjan, try to visit the church. Who knows, you may end becoming a convert!


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