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The 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin Italy sparked up the curiosity in me to try out Ice skating. I remember watching candidly as figure skaters performed double axle and triple axle jumps, swirling and twirling on layers of thick ice, wowing the audience with their effortless routine. “Will I ever be able to do that?” I asked myself once… HELL NO! I would be fooling myself if I dear attempt that. Not that I couldn’t if I’m willing to put in as much time, money and effort as these Skaters but other factors would hinder my progress. The first being that there’s no season known as winter in my part of the world and as far as I know, there’s no qualified figure skating trainer based here. So there! I need not fool myself  aiming to become a well renowned figure skater. It just something that will not come to pass.

Yuna Kim

Yuna Kim…The skating queen . Photo courtesy:

That being said, I did get my chance at trying out ice skating in Nairobi last year. I was wrapping up my one day visit exploring the masai market and Nairobi CBD, eating game meat, strengthening new friendship bond with my friend Pauline and generally just enjoying what the city had to offer. She had wanted to take me on a game drive with a couple of her other friends but they had cancelled a few hours ahead of time. Thinking of how to end the day in a good way, she then suggested we go Ice skating at Panari Hotel .

I remember when my Dad mentioned the opening of the ice rink at Panari Hotel a couple of years back talking about how it will attract more visitors. Little did he know that the reverse was the case (going by what I saw at the rink).

When we arrived at the ice rink, we were told to wait as a session was ongoing. There’s a session every hour so if you arrive in the middle of an ongoing one, you were told to wait till the next hour to join the next session so we waited. We decided to kill time by going on a trampoline in the waiting area… I felt like a child again. Really wish I never grew up *tears*.

When it was time for our session, we were directed to the changing room where we got our skating shoes. Then off to the rink. We were just three people who had signed up for that session so we had the rink all to ourselves. The first thing our instructor taught us was how to balance on the ice.


“Stand firm and bend your knees. You need to know how to balance on the ice. ” he said, standing firmly on the ice. Apparently that was the easy part as we were then told to start walking on the ice after about ten minutes of attaining the balance position. The first few steps I took almost made me fall. It was slippery walking on ice and I had almost forgotten what the instructor said about balance. He then came to my rescue and assisted me in taking more steps while balancing on the ice. Next thing I knew, I was walking unassisted. Wohoooo!!! My friend on the other hand had a hard time on ice. She needed to hold on to something to retain balance. She then said she’ll come back some other time and take classes.

I just couldn’t stop laughing while on the ice. I was happy I got to try something I’ve always been curious and fascinated about. Though I couldn’t skate effortlessly, being able to balance and walk on the ice was worth the experience. Maybe I’ll go a step further and actually skate when next I lay my feet on the ice…who knows!

Amateur skaters


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