Nigerian Abroad

How do you spot a Nigerian abroad???

Well, that’s not a difficult question to answer for me. Being Nigerian, I’m well aware of major signs that gives someone away as a Nigerian outside Nigeria. And do not be deceived because I’m equally as guilty! I mean…I have to pack as much crap as I can when I’m coming from “the abroad” and I dare not waste that $10 at an all you can eat restaurant. Do you know how much that is in Naira?!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls and I shot this hilarious video on how we spot our fellow brothers and sisters in “the abroad” as we refer to it and it was really hilarious. To think that we came up with the topic last minute made it very spontaneous and we couldn’t stop spillings all the signs that makes unique outside our abode.

Do enjoy and feel free to comment and add anything we may have skipped.


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