It’s the last day of the year and I’m sure everyone is excited about the new year.

The thing is, I’m not into all the festivities in December so count me in on the excitement particularly for January (my favorite month of the year) because everything feels new and fresh.

Looking at 2016, I cannot deny the fact that it as a challenging year. From establishing and structuring a business (which is still in progress) to losing a very dear friend to a terminal illness to struggling with filling up this blog with as many articles as much as I wanted, I cannot deny that life threw me lemons but on the flip side, It was also a good year.


For my travel plans in 2016, I only set the goal of visiting two new countries and to my surprise, I was able to achieve that despite all the issues with Forex in Nigeria. I visited Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa; two countries I’ve always wanted to visit.

I tried out so new activities in South Africa like Quad Biking and jet Skiing

In Côte d’Ivoire, I was able to put my little french speaking skill into good use. I’m still a far away from my dream of speaking fluently but for now, I understand just enough to get me by 5 days in a Francophone country.

In my latest post, I mentioned Armel(middle) who was kind enough to drive me around Abidjan. Now Armel speaks very little English and I was a bit lucky to have gone above the second level learning French at Alliance Française so I got by a little bit. But the truth is, 2 levels of #French lesson doesn't guarantee you a spot in the French community as captured in this picture when I tried to converse with Armel's friend, Sulaimon who spoke no ounce of English at all. Oh Lord the struggle was real and the confusion unmatched! We eventually understood ourselves after series of gesticulation and on my part minutes of reflecting and searching my head with the meaning of words 😂. Communication is key when visiting a country where you don't understand the language so whether is a few broken words or sign language or however you choose to get your message across, the most important thing is for the other party to understand what you are trying to say. 📸 @loladealade #travelstories #languagebarriers #learnanewlanguage #travelrrgardless

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Another highlight for me in 2016 was connecting with other Travel Bloggers based in Nigeria. It is a pleasure to connect with other people who can relate to the challenges of travelling on a Nigerian passport. The support we’ve given ourselves is quite remarkable in the few months we’ve known ourselves and I know for sure 2017 will be a much better year to propel one another in thriving in this Blogosphere.

Hanging out with the babes 😊 #nigeriantravelbloggers

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I also started a YouTube with two other travel bloggers; Amarachi and Mofe  and yes, it’s about travel. Obviously! We put our first video this more.Be sure to expect more in 2017.


I haven’t fared well in this area at all. My goal was to have at least four posts every month but I was unable to achieve that except for the month of September. I’m not the type to write a post in an hour because I have to think it through over and over. Writing for me is still a work in progress and I’ll be putting more effort in the coming year.


I put this aspect on hold for a while this year but I was enable to acquire a couple of equipment that ‘ll be putting into good use in the coming year. I’m also looking to intern with a Travel/Documentary photographer in order to improve my skills. Fingers crossed.

I’m truly enthusiastic about 2017 and I know it as a lot in store for me. I have quite a number of travel related projects I’m working on in addition to some of the ones previously mentioned earlier and other personal projects as well. As always, I can only hope for the best.

Have a successful year ahead!


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