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I spent the past weekend exploring the city of Abuja with my through our eyes co-hosts, Mofe and Amarachi, Lola of Unravelling Nigeria and Amadi of Sage Travels all thanks to Travelstart Nigeria and their cheap flights to Abuja.Travelstart is an online booking platform where you can book your tickets for both domestic and international travel. They have seven offices across Africa, Asia and Europe and one of their purpose is to ensure that intending travellers have a hassle free process in planning their trip. Their slogan is “Travel made simple” and honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

I first stumbled on their site via their blog about two years ago and I was hooked all thanks to the well curated articles by their writers but for some reason, I never thought to use their platform to book my ticket. About a year after, my sister told me she bought her ticket on their platform because they were relatively cheaper than other platforms she checked so I thought to myself that I should give them a try sometime. Fortunately, they came through when I was planning my trip to East Africa earlier in the year and I was surprised at how much cheaper my ticket was on their platform relative to others I also checked considering how short between my intended travel date to the booking date was (ticket prices are usually higher when travel date is closer to booking date).

I absolutely love this platform because it is simple and easy to use. Booking a ticket is absolutely stress free and I’ve put together the video below explaining the process:

So next time you’re planning your trip and looking for an affordable deal, you should definitely head over to Travelstart.


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