nice view of a pond

The scene of the Ocean was surreal as we approached the main island of Seychelles, Mahé.

I had a nostalgic feeling as I looked from above. I remembered seeing pictures of exotic beaches in my Dad’s travel magazines and how the water was green and the sands were translucent like  glass.

As an aspiring Travel Photographer, I felt excited and nervous. It’s a whole new adventure for me and I intend to make the most of it. The view from above was to die for and I couldn’t wait to capture some shots.

Now for those who are not aware, Seychelles is a visa free country for all visitors and Nigerians aren’t excluded. All you need is your;

  • International Passport
  • Return Ticket
  • Yellow Fever Card
  • Hotel Reservations

And whala!!! Welcome to paradise

After going through immigration and checks, I took a cab to my lodge where I’ll be staying for the next six nights. It was about 10 minutes from the airport but little did I know that it was far away from a lot of things. I guess that’s the price to pay since it was the only accommodation I could afford from the options online.

The lodge pool plus a truly green view

The Lodge Pool

Now to all my fellow Nigerians, una well done o. After I thought I will be escaping from my Nigerian ways for about 2 weeks, low and behold P-square to the rescue. On getting to my lodge and relaxing for about 2 hours I just heard out of nowhere;

♫Personally, Persona Personally♫

I was like “SERIOUSLY!!!!!” On this Island again! Not that it’s a bad thing but it just made me realize how much the Nigerian entertainment industry has really grown and spread to other parts of the world. At least, that’s something to be proud about so thumbs up Nigeria.

The lodge attendant asked if I would like to have dinner at the lodge and I said yes. I was quite hungry so I couldn’t have declined the offer. Creole food is quite similar to Indian food with a bit of other Asian influences. I was treated to a meal of curry, smoked fish, some other side dish (can’t remember the name) and rice.

After my meal, I had my schedule all planned out for the next day. I’ll head to town and get more information from the tourist center about the island and places of interest, then I’ll book some tours most importantly, take as many pictures as possible.


Fola Jemi-Alade

Fola Jemi-Alade

I’m Fola and I love to travel! My love for travelling is sort of inborn. I got my first atlas map when I was six and I was hooked from that moment. A long time dream of mine is to visit at least 100 countries in my life time.