Travelling: MMIA

This post may come as a surprise to you but it is true. As much as I’m always eager to get on the road there are some parts I wholesomely dread!!! I know travelling is fun and I’m suppose to love every part of it but I wish I could skip these parts. Oh well! you know what they say, No pain, No gain!


This is the part I hate most. Trying to decide what and what to take on a trip really stresses me out. A LOT!!! I sometimes wish I don’t have to deal with this part and just go with a regular hand bag. I’m the type that usually starts packing an hour before I leave for the airport rather than a few days before I travel. Is there a professional i can assign this task to? Please contact me if you are out there. Thanks 🙂


Don’t know how I managed to pack these :s

Nigerian Immigration

The worst immigration workers I’ve ever come across in my lifetime of little travels. They are always looking for ways to extort money off you and their work ethic is extremely poor. I remember seeing one of them sleeping at the check in counter once while people were checking in. WHO THE HELL DOES THAT????????!!!!!!!! I was really furious!!! A lot of them don’t look smart and are damn too old to be interfacing with travellers. The airport is the first point of contact visitors have with a country and ours isn’t welcoming to say the least which brings me to my next point.

Lagos Airport

The most depressing airport of all time. Seriously! There is a lot of room for improvement that needs to be made to this airport. Question: Who rations toilet paper for people to do their business? Answer: Muritala Muhammed Airport Ikeja Lagos. The other day, I had to wait for an extra hour to pick up my sister because the lights were out and the conveyor belt was not functioning so they couldn’t get their luggage. What a mess! As much as I’m always eager to come home and sleep in the comfort of my own bed, I get depressed as soon as I hear the plane about to land. The atmosphere is super depressing at this airport to say the least. A friend of mine that works there told me a few days ago that there are plans for the airport to be privatized and I completely will agree with that decision. Hopefully that will improve its current condition and give it a face-lift.

Travelling: MMIA

Depression is the word : Picture courtesy of

Visa Application

The fear of every Nigerian passport holder. So bad that it has become a prayer point! You have to bind and cast plus fast to get a visa! Then if you’re lucky to get the visa, you must testify to the glory of God. Hallelujah! That’s why I’d rather just travel to visa free places. I see no reason why I should be denied a visa twice and still keep applying. Biko there is Dubai for those who have been denied numerous times to the likes of the UK and US. At least, you don’t have to queue for visa. Asides that, I hate the documentation part. I have no plans of stealing the country so I really don’t understand why they ask for some of them.

After taking A Lovely View of Eden Island

Who cares about the UK when paradise is visa free 😛

What Did You Bring For Me?

I don’t get??? Is it your father who bought my ticket? I don’t understand why people always find the need to ask this very dumb question. Quite honestly that’s why I avoid traveling to the likes of the US and the UK so I don’t have to deal with compulsorily bringing anything for anyone. Most times when people hear that you visited Ghana or Kenya for instance, they never ask you for gifts but you make the mistake of telling them you went to London, you’re dead! Requests will pile up like clothes in a laundry basket. And the worst part is, some expect you to use your money after all the crazy demand. Are you joking???

Long Haul Flights

I don’t mind flying but anything thing more than 7 hours and I’m mentally exhausted. The longest flight I’ve taken so far was for 10 hours and after my 7 hour mark, I literally felt like jumping out of the plane. For this reason, I would take the road option if possible. After all,”he that is down need fear no fall”.

Will definitely write more on this topic in the near future but for now, these things really irks me but not enough to kill my defiant travel spirit.

What do you hate about travelling? Please share your thoughts and comments.


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  1. Amarachi


    Haha, I laughed hard at ‘What did you bring for me?’. I really don’t bother about this anymore. I think nowadays though, it’s just a question that is asked because it’s what you have to ask someone after the person returns from a trip. 🙂

    As for MMIA, I always add an extra hour to allow for my luggage to arrive – Always! I also hate flying generally. Long haul, short haul, whatever. I’d rather go by train or bus!


  2. Eniola


    Lwkmd!! It’s crazy but your travel “hate-list” is spot on! Especially about how the officers try to extort travellers (once, they smell “new fish”, the end.). One time the officer checking my luggage tried to get me to drop “something” and almost delayed me because I didn’t do the do.

    As for “what did you bring for me”… HMMM!!

    Anyhow, I am a guru at packing – God knows it’s a talent?. If you ever need my services for your coming trips, do tell. Just remember to bring something for your girl sha o!! ?