Mayan ruins and sink holes

Once you decide to visit the Yucatan Peninsula, be prepared to get drenched in sink holes or  put on your Indiana Jones hat and explore all the ancient Mayan ruins. I can’t promise you that you’ll find and treasures, but you’ll definitely be impressed with what you learn about them. And in case you aren’t into any of these, don’t worry! There are tons of other activities to go for.

When we arrived in Cancun, I wasn’t sure of what exactly I wanted to do. Now I must say that I’m not a bigger planner when it comes to tours. I usually book my tours when I arrive my destination and I took the same approach for this visit. As far as I knew, I wanted to go to the beach, visit Chichen Itza  and go swimming in a Sink hole. The hotel we stayed had a tour desk so I made inquiries about the different tours they offered and asked for the prices of the tours I was interested in. But as the cheapskate that I always try to be, I went online and started researching other companies that offered the tours and that’s when I came across Cancun discounts. A few minutes after I found this site, I was hooked and I traversed almost all the length and breadth of the site discovering the numerous tours and activities they offered and as the name implies, the prices were ridiculously affordable. Just to give you an idea, the price that our hotel was going to charge one person was enough to cover the cost for my husband and I when we booked with Cancun discounts. Crazy!!!

Without much hesitation, I quickly booked the Chichen Itza tour and payed with my Naira mastercard which surprisingly worked. At first I didn’t get any confirmation for the tour and I was scared as to whether the site was legit. I eventually called and spoke to one of their agent who assured me that I’ll get the confirmation so I relaxed my nerves. About thirty minutes later, I got mail and behold our confirmation…


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