I took French classes at Alliance Française earlier in the year after years of procrastination. I’ve always wanted to learn another language (asides from English and Yoruba) and for obvious reasons, French was that language. I had used a language software in the past to teach myself which was a bit effective but nothing like taking a class at Alliance where they break down the rules of Grammar, tenses and all other elements of making a sentence.

One thing that was emphasized at Alliance is for us to try as much as possible to speak the language based on what we’ve learnt. As a result of that, they usually organise trips to France where you’ll be placed with a family there to encourage you to speak the language. Really nice arrangement no doubt till I heard how much it would cost. WHAT???!!!! Abeg will I be a french citizen after this trip? Biko there are chaper options o jare!

That option for my was Abidjan and in April, my sister and I visited for about 5 days. I wanted to practice a bit of what I had been learning at school and she simply wanted to relax. An hour and half of flying and we were in the former capital of Côte d’Ivoire. I know 5 days is a short time but in that short time, these were the things that made me like Abidan:

Chilled City Centre

We stayed at Plateau which is the city centre of Abidjan. Unlike Lagos Island, it was really chilled and had a bit more skyscrapers. The headquarters of the Africa Development bank is situated here amongst other international organisations that also have regional offices in Abidjan.


There are so many patisseries in Abidjan. A LOT!!! I felt like I would be committing a crime if I didn’t try out something from at least one of the many patisseries in the city. If you have an affinity for yummy pastries and desserts, Abidjan has you covered so hurry up and pack your bags.

Suitable For Day Trips

I liked how the city is quite close to more touristy areas of Cote D’ivoire particularly Grand Bassam and Assinie-Mafia. I wasn’t able to visit Assinie-Mafia but I was told it was about two hours from Mainstream Abidjan. Though my visit to Grand Bassam was short, I was able to relax at the beach there for about an hour. I also saw the resort that was attacked in March.

Beaucoup d’Espace

I liked that the city had a number of spaces by water fronts suitable for relaxation and I loved this a lot. I’m a cancerian so I’m usually drawn to water so this was a win win for me.

Poisson Braisé

This applies not only to Abidjan but since I was only visiting Abidjan for most part of my trip, this had to make my list. I was able to stuff myself with this delicious Ivorian delicacy. And the best part is, it was very affordable. I particularly liked that it was always served with sliced onions and pepper.

Trendy Fashion

French Tailors are known for their impeccable tailoring and I saw the evidence in Abidjan. I saw quite a number of women in stylish well tailored outfits whenever we went around town.

Constant Power

Naija but WHY?!!!!! Kilode???!!!!! I was sad to be leaving Abidjan for this reason. There was no power outage during our stay. Not even once! We stayed at a self catering apartment that had all the amenities we need which included a fridge but we had not reason to use the freezer section to preserve our food. All thanks to the constant electricity which made me not want to leave.

Have you ever been to Abidjan? What do you like about the city?


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  1. Bukola


    Just came across your blog, great job!
    I also attended alliance française 2 years back and it motivated me to take a road trip last year with my sis, it was 10days and we ended up in Accra even though our initial plan was to include Abidjan but…. Time constraints.
    I was able to practice my French in Lomé & Cotonou, the hotel receptionist would always help me out when I struggled with my French and she would always praise me, learning a language is always a good idea.
    Would love to visit Abidjan soon
    I had the same issues with the alliance française trip, THE PRICE!!! I can imagine how much it would be now with the the current exchange rate.
    Do Have fun in SA
    You have a new fan?


    • Fola's Waka


      Hi Bukola. Glad you like the blog:). Really wished you had made it to Abidjan but it’s good you were able to practice your French in Togo. My sister that price thing is not even funny at all but like I said in my post, one can always take the cheaper option.


  2. Blake


    Hi. Travelling to Abidjan at the end of July. I’d love to buy some fabric and have some clothing made for me. Can anyone recommend any stores or seamstresses? Also, will be in Aboisso.
    Thank you!


    • Fola's Waka


      Hi Blake.

      I unfortunately do not know any seamstress or stores in Abidjan. I know you can get fabrics at the Grand Marche in Treichville. You definitely should check there and maybe you can get a seamstress there.